Saturday, March 19, 2011


today i learn something so precious in my love can be so much pain..
is it sume laki sama..?at first syg bgai nk gile kt seorg pompuan..xlme pastu dtg khabr wujud lg sowg in ur life..r u so not sure with ur feeling thats y u been like this..? please if u already love n make her special as ur only 1, take good care of her...protect her till ur death. is it so hard to do..? do u hav to had mistress in ur life when u already got one that so love u..?? need ur protect.. be her guide..? is it so hard..? y?? insan bernama lelaki..tell us what u actually want from us girl..? we r not fortune teller to predict whats in ur head..let us noe if u not satisfied towards us...don make it hard for both of us..until the end "we go by our path" till then u only realize who we r in ur heart.pliz..dun be double faces..our feeling are not the places that u olz can play with..understood..?

inspired from my beloved bestie..
friends..b brave syg..
insyaAllah..ur fate are written by Allah n u gonna meet some1 better than past..
till then ..pliz endure for a while k..
lov ur girlz so much..

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Jaslin Syafika said...

it true ashi..guys bile buah hati jauh mule cari org ketige..yg pompuan setia bagai nk rak..dia boleh lak men kayu tiga..i dun understand why certain guys choose kaca daripada permate..dun know why...luv is painfulllll..

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