Friday, January 28, 2011

seng-il chukahe gebun!

Birthday boy : ridzuan razali
Currently age : 21 years old..
D.O.B : 27th jan 1990

Wish for him : riz, spnjg prkenalan kte since dip until la degree ni, byk psl riz ashee da kenal.. baik buruk sume    la...thanx for being my really great chinggu ..u hav a such a great persona in urself...use it wisely n chinggu, no matter what people said bout u, remember to think as matured adult...since u now 21 rite...? forget all those the loser's talking coz they dont noe u closely..n if they were, they will not acting in that way... sometimes its good to b childish for certain time o always coz i'm also like dat...*org2 dlu pn ckp awet muda rite*?hehe n b matured at certain time coz sometimes we need to b strict  to others.. riz, u such a friendly guy..sume xleh nk deny d fact tu..
n tu je character yg special n certain people je words said * hav a thousand chinggu but make it 1 n only 1 to b ur lover* then u n her hengboekke (happy)..but b equal to all ur friend k? klu x, ad je yg sentap n its include me! hheheh..
chinggu LY...

p/s : budak nie jge ske sakat ak tp i'm fine with it coz he is a really really really a good person n friend..n understand me well..but not all k...phm riz..?
saranghe....chinggu forever n ever..o ye if xphm chinggu tu, its means *sahabat*...
n i really mean it.

here is ur besday present...

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Ridzuan Mikail said...

thanks ashee. thanks for the wish, advice and the present. LY ashee. Jgn nak sentap2 ngn kite sgt tau. hee

jumpa esok ashee. :)

Miss MuchKin said...

hehe...n again hepi besday
jmpe jap lg k..

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