Saturday, January 15, 2011

my cute little GF


hai..nme je taw je ler dye nye attitude gonna b so lov to talk..she's also fanatic of korean like me..ngee. same age like me..just that so small then me... but dats not is not the thing i wanna talk bout.
a lot of girlfren that i hav ..the 1 that i miss so much is HER..y?? bcoz of a lot of special thing bout her..dye nie ske follow me n my twins,eqa anywhere we go...even in school...she's also ske byk ckp..but de funny things she said that, she;s soOO PENDIAM ble brdpn ngan owg len...Om emm it paeh..? i dun thinx so la most i jeles bout her...she's so thin..the weird thing is she doesn't like it yela just imagine skrg umor dye 20 thn ,tggi around 147  n weight xsmpi 40 in her place...mcm2 yg dye da myb keturunnye so dye xleh nk naikkn weight dye...seyes feel jeles bout that.. 


ni bestfren ak lg sowg..gedix pending ble ktorg hav a x nye lyan si abe dye da pending..hehe jhat nye ak kutuk kwn sndri..xdela juz men2 je...dye so lovable n pending tp pndai seh..ingt lg time sek dlu...6A for PMR..x ke dasyat tue..n dye ni ske kritik ble nengok wyg,kne ZIPPIT mulut dye awl2 coz dye ske komen...malu plak nt..haha n i miss her too so much...

My bestie
 hah yg nie la twins ak...syafiqah aka eqa..we've been called that coz klu ke mne je kmi g, msti d mne eqa,kt situ ash ad...n ble ash kt sni, eqa msti de skli..sort of it la..n yg ske mnyelit tu peah bkn mencapap yg kmi x ske tp sng kmi buli peah nie..hehehe sory beb..but lately pyah tol nk contact dye then tup2 dye contact ngan ttbe n ajak hang out sme2..she's so weird but i miss her most...dye matang the most compared to me,effa n peah...dlu n she's kind hav a strong will...i respect double triple to her coz of a lot thing..hope dye dpt join with me for study but bcoz of a strong reason,she's need to forget her so noble at her age at dat timebut she's strong ..until now..beb love ya so much...

there's another 1 my gf tp mmndgkn dye nie fb xde n myspace pn da lme x on, so xdpt nk mek pic dye dr sne...atikah aka t-qa..(nt kte upload gmbr dye once i get it).he4.dye nie twins si effa plak..coz same reason like me,ne2 diorg g,msti ber2 until we all meet n togeder b gf until the end..hope sgt...dye nie lg matured compared to us..heheh but we all lov her too..
the funny thing bout each of us, our special BF jge came from same cluz ..then our group bcome bigger than ever..(apiz&effa) n (tika&ewan)..hope sgt korg nye relatiopnship until the end (smpi kawin n brkekaln slmenye its mean.)ngee

reason ak post bout my lovely gf nie coz sudd i miss them a lot..da lme xjmpe diorg.
beb, miss u all so freakin much...

miss munchkin saranghe u all so much!!

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