Monday, January 31, 2011


puasnye xdpt d ungkap berada di uma ku kembli...
oops my parent's ayah x bpe sht..smge ayah cpt sembuh erk ayah!!
saranghe...arini drive keta pas sblan x drive...hurmm d sbbkn kesejukn yg melampau 2 ari ni ,mengigil la gak tgn ni pgg stering but how to drive xprnh lpe..malah mkin cekap n puas ati...
still xde guts nk drive bwk mak.. *takut kne komen byk sgt..da msk sgt da*
syg mak gak...hhehe
lappy da pulih completely..thanx to ewan gedix..ko sengal doh wat mlu ak jew..nsb bek ko x ckp dpn...syg gak ko my bestfwen..
now still not done....
hang out ngan gedix eqa,peah,tka n effa..
assgmnt still x berusik lg...aigooo
xpe2..mood will come gak...
jgn x smpi wat plak..
fighting ashee!

p/s:riz,thanx for de post that u touching la chinggu..saranghe!

till then...

Friday, January 28, 2011

th other side..evil

bcoz of u ...bcoz of ur mouth..
wat ak n my fren nk cili je mulut ko..
ko xknl ktorg tp ske je ckp bukn2...
truly i hate u..
not bcoz of jeles ..jus dislike...
if can dislike button dlm wall u..of coz ak dislike a thousand times..
do u hav to said like that?
o ko jeles???
say it face to face la if u dare...

seng-il chukahe gebun!

Birthday boy : ridzuan razali
Currently age : 21 years old..
D.O.B : 27th jan 1990

Wish for him : riz, spnjg prkenalan kte since dip until la degree ni, byk psl riz ashee da kenal.. baik buruk sume    la...thanx for being my really great chinggu ..u hav a such a great persona in urself...use it wisely n chinggu, no matter what people said bout u, remember to think as matured adult...since u now 21 rite...? forget all those the loser's talking coz they dont noe u closely..n if they were, they will not acting in that way... sometimes its good to b childish for certain time o always coz i'm also like dat...*org2 dlu pn ckp awet muda rite*?hehe n b matured at certain time coz sometimes we need to b strict  to others.. riz, u such a friendly guy..sume xleh nk deny d fact tu..
n tu je character yg special n certain people je words said * hav a thousand chinggu but make it 1 n only 1 to b ur lover* then u n her hengboekke (happy)..but b equal to all ur friend k? klu x, ad je yg sentap n its include me! hheheh..
chinggu LY...

p/s : budak nie jge ske sakat ak tp i'm fine with it coz he is a really really really a good person n friend..n understand me well..but not all k...phm riz..?
saranghe....chinggu forever n ever..o ye if xphm chinggu tu, its means *sahabat*...
n i really mean it.

here is ur besday present...

home sweet home

in mood of going home..
i'm totally losing my mind rite now...
almost sume member da ad kt uma o otw to their house..
hav a safe journey k...
n hav a good vacation folks..
cti2 gak, blog jgn lpe updated k...

till then,
saranghe *wink3*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

man...truly pliz understand women...!

enough of it...y u cant understand that i'm easy to bored if no topic to talk...?
am i regret on d decision that i've made..?
i now myself..always variable..change my though in each second n will regret it after dat...
sory to say n i noe u such a loyal person towards me....
but jaebal....i need my own space...!
i  noe.....yes i now what u will...
but dats not fair if i'm d only 1 trying my best tu understand u...
enough...i'm tired of it...
i noe i;m not a good person..
jaebal...understand me

till then.


Monday, January 24, 2011


i'm alone in my room..bain tasya n paie xde dlm blik..supposely ktorg ad program MALAM TAUTAN KASIH mlm nie n d sbbkn keadaan ak yg xbpe nk sht (muntah2 n ehem2),
xdpt nk join..
cian paie tasya n bain coz risau sgt psl ak n trpakse mekkn kupon utk ak...really luv u guys..
1 ari nie ak xdpt nk attend ne2 cluz..ingtkn da ok,tp jap je dmm dtg blik...keadaan yg ak xske sgt ble kne tdo je dlm blik coz chincha sejuk tahap xleh nk ckp pe..tgh2 ari pn berkubang ngan selimut..xckup ngan slimut ak,paie nye pn ak kebas..tq paie(wink2)...
hurmm tobat xnk bli mihun kt kedai tu lg...sakit perut d watnye..
assigmnt da brlambak..test n quiz pn dlm queue nie...
so kne la ready from now on...
p:s-melayan malam2 nie,tringt kat mk ayah kt uma...ngah wat pe la diorg skrg nie.?

till then
muahhhh saranghe mak ayahku....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

heart feelin...

hard to satisfied everyone...hurmm
if only i can speak diff language other than malay n english,i will  express it here..
but its ok..learn from mistake n now try to master mandarin language one step at the time...
grown up little bit...thats what we need bermuram durja if trase ngan org lain..
not every1 will satisfied ourselves..
brsyukur kte punya kwn yg sllu pk kte even bkn ngan tunjuk scre direct..

till then,

Monday, January 17, 2011



i'm a stalker..

woo..actually i feel like i'm stalk people life but not in the bad way..i juz follow her blog coz i felt like she's giving me n  inspiration..not bcoz of her blog..but who now she's become..more confident n i wanna b one of it..

walking in confident,wearing a nice outfit,high heels ("myb") n a lot more..
i like to try all things n hopefully i achieve it coz seriously guys, i wanna to be a better person with a good life..
i want to make myself hangbeokke coz i alwayz giv others a happy smile..
now, need a little space for me to reform my mind set n build myself constraint for the journey...

what will i be year from now???

till then,
wait for part 2 of mine story...
Miss muchkIn...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

my cute little GF


hai..nme je taw je ler dye nye attitude gonna b so lov to talk..she's also fanatic of korean like me..ngee. same age like me..just that so small then me... but dats not is not the thing i wanna talk bout.
a lot of girlfren that i hav ..the 1 that i miss so much is HER..y?? bcoz of a lot of special thing bout her..dye nie ske follow me n my twins,eqa anywhere we go...even in school...she's also ske byk ckp..but de funny things she said that, she;s soOO PENDIAM ble brdpn ngan owg len...Om emm it paeh..? i dun thinx so la most i jeles bout her...she's so thin..the weird thing is she doesn't like it yela just imagine skrg umor dye 20 thn ,tggi around 147  n weight xsmpi 40 in her place...mcm2 yg dye da myb keturunnye so dye xleh nk naikkn weight dye...seyes feel jeles bout that.. 


ni bestfren ak lg sowg..gedix pending ble ktorg hav a x nye lyan si abe dye da pending..hehe jhat nye ak kutuk kwn sndri..xdela juz men2 je...dye so lovable n pending tp pndai seh..ingt lg time sek dlu...6A for PMR..x ke dasyat tue..n dye ni ske kritik ble nengok wyg,kne ZIPPIT mulut dye awl2 coz dye ske komen...malu plak nt..haha n i miss her too so much...

My bestie
 hah yg nie la twins ak...syafiqah aka eqa..we've been called that coz klu ke mne je kmi g, msti d mne eqa,kt situ ash ad...n ble ash kt sni, eqa msti de skli..sort of it la..n yg ske mnyelit tu peah bkn mencapap yg kmi x ske tp sng kmi buli peah nie..hehehe sory beb..but lately pyah tol nk contact dye then tup2 dye contact ngan ttbe n ajak hang out sme2..she's so weird but i miss her most...dye matang the most compared to me,effa n peah...dlu n she's kind hav a strong will...i respect double triple to her coz of a lot thing..hope dye dpt join with me for study but bcoz of a strong reason,she's need to forget her so noble at her age at dat timebut she's strong ..until now..beb love ya so much...

there's another 1 my gf tp mmndgkn dye nie fb xde n myspace pn da lme x on, so xdpt nk mek pic dye dr sne...atikah aka t-qa..(nt kte upload gmbr dye once i get it).he4.dye nie twins si effa plak..coz same reason like me,ne2 diorg g,msti ber2 until we all meet n togeder b gf until the end..hope sgt...dye nie lg matured compared to us..heheh but we all lov her too..
the funny thing bout each of us, our special BF jge came from same cluz ..then our group bcome bigger than ever..(apiz&effa) n (tika&ewan)..hope sgt korg nye relatiopnship until the end (smpi kawin n brkekaln slmenye its mean.)ngee

reason ak post bout my lovely gf nie coz sudd i miss them a lot..da lme xjmpe diorg.
beb, miss u all so freakin much...

miss munchkin saranghe u all so much!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


forgot to mention...
latest news bout my laptop lappy...
gonna get it today dis evening....windu2222 sgt2.
sy brjanji akn jge lappy sy ngan sebaik2 nye...xmo rosak2 lg erk...luv ya lappy munchkin..
bak kte my gedix gf :  ( i'm a fanatik of korean (n i am lov it) n sgt syg2 sgt my laptop), so kne ler jge elok2 pas nie...hehe n syg korg ketat2...bff forever k..?

till then.


after trying so hard, mcm ngah exam plak kan...haha..feeelin extraordinary after my blog been repaired a while ago...nothin much juz touch2 n tukar2 layout so iniler  hasilnye...
simple n satisfied...i hope..ngee
tujuan ak m'blogging ni bkn nk ppopular tp sbg extension for express my feeling in mine view..
so no hard feelin k if i wrote smthng not nice although i'll not write it on here..

a few days ago, my gedix gf (tasya,bain,paie,az n me talks bout AZAM 2011 memndgkan skrg kte sume in a new environmnet of 2011..well after talked a lot,they ask each of every1...well sume of coz byk listnye msg2..n when my turns,ngan honest jujur n wat muke x brslh,i ckp (hehe,kte x list pn lg)..ish2 xptt kn?then ble mlmnye, i open up my diary,then guess what??? actually i already list it down my azam 2011 come ler den leh lpe ni?? dlm kesengihan melayan diary i, i tambah ler lg list of AZAM..after pnuh lg 1 page, then cloze book n tarik my blanket bucuk...(nk tido ler..xgheti??)heheh
well byk sbnrnye AZAM thn nie compared ngan laz sem n i'm gonna make it to fulfill my AZAM...
ASHEE BASYAH!! smpi sni jer dlu k...pnt plak menaip..lenguh tp hav fun...

p/s: to azim n paie,sory xdpt g bkt cerakah time kte xkn tolak lg...def!! ngee insyaAllah..

till then.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

blur expression


dear diary..

hard to say but it is true...!


till then,

Monday, January 3, 2011



dear diary..

1st day in school..
> basah kuyup g cluz ptg td..
> kaki melecet
> celeceme melanda..
> dftar masuk kolej..ngee smlm jd illegal jap
> i miss my mom...

p/s : ptt ler brg yg ak bwk skt sgt..ngan lpe beg n pencil case ak dlm keta, selipar xbwk (pnjm paie nye..syg paie), heater pn xbwk gak..gedix ler...nsb bek dri sndri ingt nk bwk..hekhek

till then,            

Sunday, January 2, 2011

dear diary..

here comes new semester...