Thursday, December 23, 2010

dear diary.....

sjak laptop ku d isytiharkan tidak brfungsi, maka laptop adkku plak yg mnjd mangsaku untuk updating my blog, mukabuku n so on lg...
tp unhappy la coz bkn laptop kte kn...nk lme2 pn xleh..
plus adikku si ain ni demand sgt..itu xleh ini xleh...
sabo je ler..
skrg ngah kumpul wet nk tgu time nk repair my sweet laptop...huhuhu
in other words...tgu wet ptptn ler check in...ngee..
till then ..


Saturday, December 18, 2010

up n less

> supposely,my ex ict classmate form 5 ad reunion today...after been so much problem in handling all of it,maka termaktubla reunion tersebut akhirnye need to be cancel coz of the reasssson that so a mean time, today is my cousin wedding...the one that i hit the car last week.. tp currently i'm not in a mood of going to help them coz of :
* the story i hit my cousin's car (thats the big reason..ngee)
* diorg wat xde rewang2 nie..lg le bosan klu dtg ke sne..
* hmmm da xde reason lg da..
*so ak dtg cme dtg n tunjukkn my cute faces(prasan der) n eat the pn so so kn..?
*so in the nutshell, jgn ikot prangai sy ok...thats is soooo not good..

luv ya,munchkin.. 

Friday, December 17, 2010


currently in a mood of nothin to do...
waiting for new korean drama "Marry me, MARY" my fav actor n actress acting on it..
jang geun suk!!!!

cant wait to watch it..SNAP!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Let picture describe everything

my dream camera Nikon D3100..when can i get chance to own it..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

accident that will i never forget...

date : 11/12/2010
place : area my house..
cause : nk reverse nye psl ...n xnmpx kereta cousin ku d sblh..n finally *dusshh* 
effect : trauma + kereta ayahku kemek - nsb bek keta cousin ku calar skt je kt bumper dye *that is so relieve*
after dat : kne nagging by my lovely mom + ayah geleng palee + abg,kakak n adik gelak sb tgk mke ak kecut gler...
the day after tomorow : ayah suh ak rjin blaja bwk keta..*which is sgt trharu coz ayah msh prcye ak leh wat* LOVE U DAD..!! Tp kne lecture jap gak ngan ayah...
future : nk practise drive everyday starting tomorrow..

result : juz wait n c.....

who is me?

special in BM...fully

* siapa sbnrnye Miss Luvletto..? seorg yg ske sgt mkn ice-cream cornetto o ske kump Letto?? yg sebenarnye, Miss Luvletto mmg ske 2 perkara nie..SKE SGT..! sbnrnye,Miss Luvletto sndri tak dpt nk tafsirkn siapa dri dye yg sbnrnye. dan skrg msh mencri identiti dye sndri...bknla prkre yg bsr sgt dlm isu Miss Luvletto prlu mencri kbnrn dlm drinye yg skrg smakin meghlg..

* Miss Luletto yg skrg amat brbeza ble d bandingkn ngan Miss Luvletto yg dahulu...Dye mncri suatu pngertian dlm hdpnye yg sgt tidaklah dye mnghrpkan sesuatu yg yg amat dye pasti, Miss Luvletto amat merndui dri dye yg lampau...

masih mencari...............

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 dec 2010

 date result exam kuar....cant wait n afraid surrounding me at this time..
hope..i'll pass all the subject...amin..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

little confession

* i'm so deep fall in love with him*